About us


Fat Dog Games is a former mobile game developing company, which has been present on the market since 2014. The founders of Fat Dog Games have also created Warappa in 2016. As Warappa, the company specialized in producing games, gamified products, mobile, VR and AR apps, and gamified websites both for the B2C and B2B markets. Warappa offered their services to advertising agencies, corporate clients and developers with ideas and funds but lacking professional resources.

Fat Dog Games has recently changed its status to game publisher.



Fat Dog Games’ key operating model is based on financing independent teams of game developers. This is possible due to an investment by Erne Ventures, a Venture Capital listed on the Polish NewConnect stock exchange since 2008.

Fat Dog Games is set on acquiring projects, training game developers and publishing their products on international markets – Steam, mobile platforms, VR and many others. Fat Dog Games, as previously mentioned, also aids developers financially. Model financing, covering the whole product development cycle, from concept to sales, sums up to 100 000 PLN per project. Both amateur teams and small organizations may benefit from Fat Dog Games’ new venture.



Fat Dog Games founders are experienced game dev, strategy and multimedia creation specialists, and experts. For more information, check out our Team section. 

Our Team

Dariusz Skrzypkowski
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksander Sierżęga
Chief Experience Officer
Łukasz Skrzypkowski
Chief Operating Officer
Radosław Bazak
Marketing Manager
RafaI Korytkowsk
Sales Manager
Jakub Wójcik
Business Development Manager
Michał Kamiński
Media Manager
Kamila Dulska
Rafał Belke
Content Designer
Mateusz Gołąb
Content Designer
Radosław Maj
Marketing Specialist / Producer
Sebastian Kaczor
Social Media Content Designer


Fat Dog Games

ul. Kossaka 11
01-576 Warszawa, Polska