Fat Dog Games – The Golden Sponsor of ZTGK 2017

As you might imagine, we are really proud to have been able to take part in ZTGK in such honorable a role. We were really satisfied with the level of attendance in Łódź!

We are really glad, that we have so many ambitious developers in Poland, ready to make some outstanding games. We are constantly seeking for you and we’re open for cooperation 🙂

But let’s not forget, that ZTGK is a competition. Below you will find the list of winners of the main categories. Congratulations!

Game Design – Tangent Universes (Profanum: Svetaria)
Game Development – BlahRay Studio (Witch Craft)
Mobile Games – Czarne Banany (Traffic Guardian)
Virtual Reality – DynamicTrio (ProjectSoup)
Game Graphics Concept – Marlena Moradewicz
Game Review – Kamil Jędrasiak

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