Fat Dog Games reporting from Shanghai!

How time flies! It seems as if it was only a moment ago, that FDG delegation was collecting their passports, visas and booth materials, telling anecdotes (or rather horror tales) about hours-long flights and today our Chinese adventure has come to an end. Check out our photo report!

If you haven’t heard about Chinajoy yet, it’s time for a handful of facts. China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is China’s largest, annual, Shanghai-based event revolving around, you guessed it, digital entertainment. Obviously, we couldn’t miss it!

The games that we are about to publish, couldn’t miss it either. As you can imagine, The Chronicles of Nyanya, due to Nyan cat’s popularity in this region, aroused a lot of interest. Gamers couldn’t believe that such game was being developed in Poland, and kept asking the creator, Ilona Myszkowska, about the date of the premiere.

Dream Alone also got its fair share of attention and was compared by many to games such as Limbo or Inside.  

While roaming Shanghai, we were reminded about another thing – Asia loves robots. We’re pretty sure, that when War Builder League, the new game from Rafał Włosek, the Lead Designer of “This War of Mine” and “Anomaly 2”, finally gets published, China will remember. And if you remember TV programs like “Robot Wars”, you should also stay tuned for WBL.

So, what else was Fat Dog up to, other than chilling with celebrities in the likes of 11bit Studios, CD Projekt or Pixel Crow at the expo? Signing deals! Kuba Wójcik, our Business Development Manager, was honored to sign a cooperation agreement on behalf of Indie Games Polska, with its Chinese counterpart – China Indie Games Alliance.

But work isn’t all there is to life, right? So, we checked out all the neighboring shops, stalls and whatnot, and we assure you – love for gadgets, robots, toys, candy and… strange food was more than palpable. 🙂

Last but not least, if you’re planning on going to China, keep one thing in mind – there are a lot of hotels being built there. And a lot of hotels means as it turns out, a lot of trouble. We had lots of adventures on our way to finding our hotel. Fortunately, the taxi drivers in Shanghai were really helpful and assisted their European friends. 🙂

We’re off to get some beauty sleep, and in the meantime, we recommend that you check out our gallery for more pictures of Shanghai. It will soon be available on our Facebook.

(photo credit: Hyperbook)

See You soon!

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