Rig or Skill: PC Brawl, our challenge for PC Master Race


Rig or Skill: PC Brawl is a not-so-serious take on games based on ‘who’s got the better PC’ rivalry, that fuels the gaming industry for years. Developers were inspired by internet culture. The game is free-2-play and it’s inspired by Brawlhalla. It will feature full multiplayer, challenge and free-play modes.

  • Genre: arcade
  • Premiere: Q1 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile

Do you want to know what Inner Voices creators are doing? As Don’t Bite Devs studio, they’re working on Rig or Skill: PC Brawl, a free-to-play air hockey style game in a duel arena. We’ve just signed a contract with them!

With battles humorously referring to internet culture, Rig or Skill: PC Brawl gameplay is both fierce and funny. A global leaderboard and online league seasons are included! 

Fat Dog Games

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