We’ve signed Rawr-Off because we couldn’t stop playing it


Pick your favourite monster and challenge your friends! Rawr-Off is a local multiplayer game which guarantee amazing fun no matter where you are!

  • Genre: action, competitive multiplayer
  • Premiere: 12-29-2017
  • Platforms: Android

What if we made a mobile duel game played in single screen mode instead of online? This brilliant question led the Yokai Games team to come up with Rawr-Off. They showed us a gameplay video in which the Flying Spaghetti Monster was fighting with Baby Cthultu using waves. They let us play the game. We loved it. The contract was signed.

Rawr-Off is a quick-paced party game for two players where you have to literally face your opponent because your duel arena is a single smartphone or tablet. Stay tuned by following Fat Dog Games on Facebook!

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