The 7 Eccentricities of The Chronicles of Nyanya


Chronicles of Nyanya is a huge RPG all about…sweet cats, full of great humor, epic battles, fun stuff and lots of references to pop culture.

  • Genre: RPG
  • Premiere: 02-16-2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile

In this game there’s no lion, but there are definitely witches. And a wardrobe, but not what you might expect. The upcoming retro-style jRPG The Chronicles of Nyanya is full of delicious silliness.

The core of Hamstercube studio consists of two unconventional individuals. Ilona Myszkowska and Adrian Pskiet speak a strange language full of twisted words, memes and inside jokes. The Chronicles of Nyanya is a reflection of their world. A fantasy jRPG with cute handmade graphics, the game offers a story about meowbarian purriors, battle pastries and Nazi furniture.

  1. Cats. Cats are nice

Nyanya is a feline world and this means cats of all shapes and sizes – and classes. The main protagonist, Catair, is a meowsassin, for example. And Meowdledore, one of her reluctant companions, is a meowmage with the magic power of light side of the Yarn Ball of Force at his disposal. On their adventures, the fellowship of adventourists fight with green orcats in the forests, brawl with drowncats in the swamps, and battle ghostcats in the dungeons. Craziness!

  1. The game’s own pantheon of goddesses, gods and demigods

Local cats give thanks to Overcat for creating the world and to his son, Meowdur, for creating the first settlement, Meowdur’s Gate. Overcat is portrayed with his head stuck in a slice of bread, which symbolizes the divine union of cats and pastry (more about this later). There’s also the self-explanatory Goddess of the Great Bowl of Goodness and Catubis, whom cats meet after each one of their nine deaths. The pantheon is rich in funny divine beasts and there are more to discover. I’ve only (ahem) scratched the surface.

  1. Pop and meme culture connections

I’m sure you’ve noticed it by now: familiar sounding names and places. If you’re into comic books, internet memes or pop culture in general, The Chronicles of Nyanya is literally made for you. You meet a cute florist named Cateris there, and a snake reciting a snippet from Blade Runner. You can speak with Granny Weathercat, Furry Catter and Nyoda. You see many guards who took an arrow in the knee, and hear that war never changes. In other games such jokes are rare Easter eggs – in The Chronicles of Nyanya, it’s one enormous omelet.

  1. Living, breathing pastries

Rolls are considered pets, farm animals or mounts – this is, as far as I know, a concept unique to this game. Cats keep buns like sheep, shaving them regularly for the crumble from which sweaters are made. Other kinds of rolls include horserolls, rollicorns and hunting rolls which are faithful like dogs and useful in battles. Take care of a small kaiser roll, decide how to raise it and see what it will become when it grows up.

  1. Nazi furniture. No, really

Cats tend to scratch furniture so furniture doesn’t like cats. In Nyanya you can be attacked by a herd of wild stools, sometimes led by the more dangerous chairs. Cats kill wild furniture to use it as, well, furniture. But sometimes the balance of power is disturbed. There are rumors about an army of Nazi furniture, including the most fearful wardrobes, gathering up North. The whole malevolent reich is bound by cold nihilism. Which brings us to…

  1. Philosophy and social issues

In a game full of cats you don’t expect the theme of existential nihilism to take away the will to live and fight. But it’s there, countered by friendship. The underlayer of philosophical and social commentary is light and funny, like the whole game, but worth noting. The main protagonist, Catair, is female and regularly hears sexist remarks. Black cats face discrimination for the untrue stereotype that they bring bad luck. On top of that there are numerous comments about simple workers oppressed by capitalists, priests and ghosts.

  1. The Warrior Who Says Yes

My personal favorite. Monty Python famously invented the Knights Who Say Ni and now Hamstercube has created this one. Purrgli is a great Catmerian purrior who says only “yes” during the whole game. The affairs are so wonderfully wrapped around this fact that Purrgli never has to say anything else. It’s like Terry Prachett’s narrativium set in action; the story fits no matter what. Brilliant.

Written by Rafał Belke for Fat Dog Games

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