Indygo: More positive reviews! Critics say Indygo is “very moving” and “deeply immersive”


Indygo is a narrative visual novel with elements of point’n’click. It tells the deep story of a painter who suffers from depression.

  • Genre: adventure, visual novel
  • Premiere: 24-10-2017
  • Platforms: PC

Hi All,

The Indygo reviews have been quite positive and it makes us proud. Reviewers have praised the graphical style and the music and have acknowledged the importance of speaking about depression.

Don’t miss out on this because it helps to highlight what can happen when you feel you have nowhere left to turn. There’s always help, and this game helps you realize that,” writes Chris White from GodisaGeek. According to Chris, Indygo is “incredibly effective, making you empathize and relate to the pain [the main character is] suffering“.

I genuinely feel that Indygo is an accurate – and more importantly – a grounded portrayal of what it’s like to live with the black dog. It never feels preachy or overly dramatic, instead opting to provide a realistic sense of the monotony, loneliness, despair, and meaninglessness that people with depression feel on a day-to-day basis,” writes Andrew Wowk from GameGrin.

Thanks guys, you’ve really felt what the creators were trying to convey.
Indygo is out now and for the sake of better immersion, it’s available in 7 languages.

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