Body of Evidence Devlog: A bit of movie in our game


Body of Evidence is a game inspired by Quentin Tarantino where the player’s goal is to become a professional crime scene cleaner! It has an advanced ragdoll model and very trendy, stylized low poly graphics.

  • Genre: action, simulation
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC

Did you know that Body of Evidence is chock full of movie references, especially those with quite a lot of blood on screen? Examples? Here you go.

Fight Club

One of the levels we are most proud of is inspired by the movie and the book Fight Club. You will meet two familiar characters in our place. Well, if you know the original, you know that they are not really two characters…

Dialogues and animations are really decent on this level, and we have a new element of mechanics here as well. It’s a nod to Fight Club fans. Don’t miss the cabinet with soap for easier clean up 😉

Pulp Fiction

On this level the house from The Jimmy Situation scene in Pulp Fiction was recreated. The house’s layout, the characters and even the neighborhood are similar to their movie counterparts – but the plot is different.

You can talk with three characters here. Each of them provides you with a piece of information necessary to pass the level. This level is still in progress, we will be adding new elements for a really polished environment.


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