Ignis, our magical battle arena, got a page on Steam


Ignis is a skill-based game of the battle arena category. The core mechanic is the ability to control trajectories of projectiles. There are also multiple spells of all other sorts: AoE, summoning spells, battle cries, curses.

  • Genre: action, competitive multiplayer
  • Premiere: Q4 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

Another good news: the Steam page of Ignis is ready for visits. You can see how exactly does the magic happen.

In Ignis two wizards stand on opposite sides of the battle arena to fight against each other. As one of them you choose your spells and control the trajectories of your magical projectiles. You can do this with a keyboard and mouse set or with a gamepad. Either way, it’s enormous fun!

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