Steam Winter Sale is here – INNER VOICES and INDYGO are much cheaper now!


Inner Voices is a non-linear, dark first person adventure game with horror, rogue-like elements, inpired by H.P. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe

  • Genre: horror, adventure
  • Premiere: 05-10-2018
  • Platforms: PC (VR compatible)

For two weeks gamers have the golden opportunity to pay 75% less for Inner Voices and 60% less for Indygo. Both games are available on Steam.

Inner Voices is a non-linear, first person adventure horror. According to reviewers the game has the “incredible atmosphere” and “is more than capable of keeping one on edge”. Gamers can check out Inner Voices on Steam.

Indygo is a unique point and click study on depression. Critics praise it’s “very truthful look at depression” and “deeply immersive” content. Indygo is available on Steam.

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