Apparition Devlog: Who you gonna call?


Apparition is a first-person survival horror game, where the player’s goal is to document ghost activity in a fictional, haunted American forest – Green Creek.

  • Genre: horror, survival, first-person
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC

Green Creek holds many deep, dark secrets. Our goal in Apparition is to bear witness and document any abnormal, paranormal or ghostly activities. We enter the haunted forest armed with an Ouija board – the forbidden, mystical tool which is said to enable one to speak with the dead.

Let’s think about it as a wooden phone reaching out and connecting us to the deceased and otherworldly.

The Ouija board lets us ask about whatever we’re trying to figure out at the moment. For example, if we’re feeling lost, we can ask the dead, “Where am I?” If the particular spirit we have contacted doesn’t come up with a satisfying answer, we can always say “Goodbye” and try to contact another. Perhaps the next one will prove himself more helpful in our investigation.

But beware! Communicating with the dead can be extremely dangerous. Ghosts are volatile entities and depending on our answers, ghosts can change their attitude towards you, which will have direct impact on the paranormal activities occuring around us. The more spirits get angry, the more spectral apparitions we‘ll see, and the anger intensifies other weird happenings as well.

Getting attacked by an invisible force after using the board

Annoying the spirits can become a useful tactic from a researcher’s point of view, but for starters let’s try to remember to always greet them with politeness.


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