Warlocks 2: God Slayers Devlog: Familiars and their Evolutions


Challenge the vile gods and dethrone them in this action RPG mixing retro aesthetics with modern gameplay. Team up with up to 4 friends in online & local co-op. Choose from a cast of 5 powerful Warlocks.

  • Genre: action, RPG, metroidvania, co-op
  • Premiere: Q3 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

Hello Travelers!

Recently we’ve spent some time working on the evolutions for familiars that you can have in Warlocks 2.

Left to right: Grimbo, Aygoon, Trovy

And today we want to share some more info on their first and second forms. There are also third forms but we’ll keep them a secret for now.

Aygoon, the Drake
He’s the only one with an attacking spell in his base kit. In his initial form he can also buff the HP of his Warlock. Later on he evolves into Goonay, the Dragon and gains an ability to increase his own Casting Speed as well as his Warlock’s Attack Speed.

Grimbo, the Sloth
In his basic form he can heal and buff the armor of his Warlock. He has the lowest Casting Speed of all familiars but his buffs last long. When he evolves into Grimboire, the Sleeper he learns a buff that increases his Warlock’s Casting Speed.



Trovy, the Shroom
Starts with a spell that grants his Warlock a temporary shield and a buff increasing Attack Damage. Trovar, the Mushroom is his second evolution in which he gains a buff to his Warlock’s total health.


 Their 3rd forms are where they obtain their most interesting abilities though.

Frozen District Team

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