Dream Alone Devlog: You’re special, kid

Dream Alone is a 2D platformer with classic platform gameplay, unique abilities, deadly traps, horror elements and a dark storyline.

  • Genre: platformer, action
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Switch, iOS

I mean… there’s really something unusual about you. Your extraordinary bravery which led you to venture into the shadows in search of Lady Death is one thing, but those weird, amazing abilities are worth mentioning. And… quite scary if I can be really honest here.

Listen kid, I know you’re really desperate to help your family and friends, but those potions that you take along the way certainly can’t be good for your health. True, they help you cross some paths which would seem too dangerous, but man, when you drink that stuff, you seem like you enter some kind of dreamlike state. It’s really hard to communicate with you. I can’t even imagine what vicious, gruesome stuff you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. Fortunately, it doesn’t last too long and after a few seconds you come back from that alternate reality or wherever your consciousness wanders off to when those potions take effect.

Wait… am I talking to you, or have you just cloned out on me? Oh, ok, it’s the true you, but you just spaced out a bit. Focus kid, we don’t want you to die on your way, do we? Anyway, your eau de clone, as I like to call it, may prove to be very helpful if you need to be two places at once. Sadly, the artificial you can’t move or react to anything, but it works as a weight and can serve as a blockade.

Don’t forget you can do that magical light thing as well. As some parts of this mysterious world are cloaked in darkness, the light will help you to force your way through the deepest shadows of the night.

I believe in you, kid. And remember, that though you need to Dream Alone, those powers will help you survive.


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