The Unholy Society Devlog: The preacher blazes through hell at twilight


The Unholy Society is a game inspired by 80s and 90s action movies as well as comic book series such as Preacher and Hellblazer. It presents a world enslaved by the united forces of demons and monsters.

  • Genre: adventure, action
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC, Switch

Oh, hi! You’ve probably noticed how our amazing sense of humor just got over 9000 in terms of pop cultural references in the title of this announcement. We’re 90s kids, you know? Puns make us feel young and we believe there’s still a bit of a rebellious teen spirit in us too. It just smells like it.

Anyway, let’s talk about all of the sweet inspiration from our childhood which, as expected, are having a great impact on the creative process of The Unholy Society. Our not so heroic main character has a lot in common with Jesse Custer from The Preacher. He’s tough, sassy and his life is constantly driving him into tight spots and situations with no way out. The retired exorcist is also a bit of a John Constantine-type character who, even in the face of demonic threats, doesn’t loose his sarcastic humor.

We never said that we were good kids who only watched Care Bears and read Donald Duck.

Fans of classic horror movies will enjoy The Unholy Society as well. There are a lot of vampires, werewolves and other characters inspired by the scary films of the 30s and 40s. B-movie references galore! We’ve also hid some Lovecraftian lore in the artstyle and dialogues further down the storyline, so be sure to stay focused if you want to find all the quotes and nuances.

Oh, and did we mention Twilight? YES, THAT TWILIGHT.

Now, in case you’re wondering, our game is not Pop-cultural References: The Video Game.  We’re trying to tell a fun, entertaining and original story and we’re pouring our hearts into it! It just so happens that  these stories are partially made up of all the works of culture we love so much. That’s why we feel the need to include them in our game.

Maybe after experiencing The Unholy Society, you’ll feel the desire to read Hellblazer or check out The Exorcist for the first time ever? That would really make us happy.

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