Exorder Devlog: Evolving style, evolving play. But everything’s in (Ex)order.


Exorder is a tactical turn-based game akin to the Advance Wars series, the Ancient Empires series and the X-COM series. It features a singleplayer campaign and a local and online multiplayer modes.

  • Genre: turn based strategy
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile, Switch

Did you know that Exorder started as a 2d mobile game? Today’s picture lets you take a look at various stages of the game’s evolution:

We’re developing Exorder to support three different input methods. The first is keyboard + mouse, a standard method of all PC gamers. For those who prefer to sit and relax on a couch, we’re also addimg gamepad support. The third method is touch input and caters to those who prefere gaming on Windows tablets. This versatility allows to please all kinds of PC gamers and enables us to potentially release the game to other platforms in the future. Currently we’re fine-tuning the gamepad input. It’s not yet perfect, but we’re getting there 😉

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Solid9 Studio

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