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Non-linear, dark first person adventure game with horror and rogue-like elements. HP Lovecraft inside. Also Virtual Reality.

A Horror Puzzle Game I Was Not Expecting To Like As Much As I Do

I honestly was not expecing Inner Voices to grip me the way it did. I figured I would play it now and again, picking it up and putting it down between playing other games. And yet, here we are. I haven’t wanted to pick up anything else, because I’m too busy trying to sink my teeth into a non-linear narrative mystery — and that’s the kind of thing that just grabs me right off the bat.
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Madeline Ricchiuto

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Day and Age of Jump Scares

This game was able to make the hair on the back of my neck stick straight out, which no title has ever achieved before. The transition from one room to the next, seemingly transporting the player to different realms, was another aspect that was very pleasing. It is more than capable of keeping one on edge throughout the game, and it only intensifies the immersion. For those who have a love for atmosphere, Sigma Games nails it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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Eric Garret

If you can push past the first few minutes, you’ll discover that this game is something special.

Inner Voices is overall marred a bit by certain design choices, but if you’re looking for a fresh horror experience that provides plenty of replayability, this title is an excellent choice. With its incredible atmosphere, one playthrough averaging around three to four hours, five different endings, and a price tag of $10, this is a game I can definitely recommend trying out.
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James Prew
  • NON-LINEAR storyline.
  • Intriguing, disquieting gameplay due to the ever-changing randomized maze.
  • Unique, dark atmosphere inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft, E.A.Poe and S.King.
  • An amazing experience thanks to the moody soundtrack and audio design.
  • Addictive story full of plot twists and choices that may lead you to one of 5 different ending.
  • A possibility of enjoying the game in 4 different cinematic languages: English, Polish, Turkish and Russian.
  • Engaging puzzles with different levels of complexity.

Tune yourself to the voices lurking in the head of John Blake – the tormented man dwelling in a trap… that only you can guide him out of. 
You will never know whether what you see is true – and you can be sure, that even after you’ve escaped the trap, not all had been discovered…
You will be constantly searching for a way to escape the randomised maze of rooms, you will be haunted by new voices and you will be the one deciding… who dies.

Meet John and his past in possibly the only adventure game with a non-linear plot, procedurally generated user path and (more than) a pinch of the atmosphere of your favorite horrors.


The sun was burning my back… I spent an eternity watching my shadow grow taller in front of me… what… what happened there…?

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