Shutterdog: The Heroine and the Guards


Exorder is a tactical turn-based game akin to the Advance Wars series, the Ancient Empires series and the X-COM series. It features a singleplayer campaign and a local and online multiplayer modes.

  • Genre: turn based strategy
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile, Switch

Eager to fight. Smashes first, asks questions later. Beasts’ equivalent of the Guard.

The backbone of every army. Guard hides his hatred for Archers behind innate suaveness. Never misses an opportunity to take a tea break.

A stubborn old man who hates to follow orders. He built a giant mechanical suit in an attempt to feel young and powerful again. His giant shield allows him to push enemies away.

A quick-tempered crossbowman. He loves to show off his skills and prefers to join a fight with all guns blazing.

Beyla is a daughter of the late king of Cerulean. Her whole life she’s been overshadowed by her older brother, Tristan. Her contrasting personality to that of her outgoing brother didn’t make her particularly popular at Tritan’s numerous parties. It’s always been assumed that she wouldn’t be able to win the competition to the throne.

Solid9 Studio

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