Apparition Devlog: The ways of the Great One – the Developer


Apparition is a first-person survival horror game, where the player’s goal is to document ghost activity in a fictional, haunted American forest – Green Creek.

  • Genre: horror, survival, first-person
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC

Do you really want to try investigating the terrifying secrets of Green Creek? You are a brave one, mister, aren you? Before you depart, however, you should probably know about the Great One, the mysterious, mythical creator who made this place into how we see it today. All the hauntings, apparitions and paranormal activities were also put here by his hand, so the legends say. The old tomes of magic and arcane call him the Developer or Mr. Ciastku.

It is said that one day there were these weird things called “video games” which many people and other beings, even the Great Ones, were interested in. The same goes for the Developer, who adored the scariest, most chilling and most horrifying of the games. It is written that Penumbra: Black Plague and Amnesia: The Dark Descent were amongst his favorite. No one really knows how  “video games” had captivated the attention of the ancient ones and led them to waste such time on them. Nevertheless, the books say that Green Creek was a creation inspired by these horrifying games which played on the the Developer’s mind.

The tomes from the ages tell of many interesting stories about the mysterious Developer. You can even find some terrible sketches. They were probably unused monster concepts which didn’t quite fit into his frightening visions. I brought a few of them for you. Just look at those abominations! I am indeed hoping they will not manifest in Green Creek one day…

And have you heard the stories about the places that vanish? You are aghast, but I speak the truth! There once was a mine here. One day it just disappeared and no one knows why. The local tales say that the Developer decided there was no purpose for this location to exist. If that’s true, can you imagine how powerful he is?

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