Dream Alone Devlog: The atmosphere is Grimm

Dream Alone is a 2D platformer with classic platform gameplay, unique abilities, deadly traps, horror elements and a dark storyline.

  • Genre: platformer, action
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Switch, iOS


You’re still alive, little one! That’s quite an unusual development. I must admit that even though you’ve shown some potential and your abilities can manifest in times of need, I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in your success. I’m quite impressed, lad. But enough of the sweet-talk, what brings you back to my humble abode?


Oh, so you’ve seen things or… beings and you need some answers? The fairy tales aren’t as whimsical as one would think and they certainly are more real than fables. All I say is true – believe me! Lack of faith can bring you impending doom. Hansel and Gretel encountered the witch indeed, it’s all historically accurate fact! The Youth did, in fact, go forth and learn what fear was and Beowulf is not just a mythical hero.

Hansel and Gretel
Grendel (Beowulf)

The story of Pinocchio, The Wonderful World of OZ and even Dracula – it’s all true, little one, it’s true! And although some of the tales end on a surprisingly optimistic note, no one lived happily ever after and there’s one particular reason for it – the transcendent and magical Lady Death, who binds time, space, lives and fairy tales together. Finding her is your goal, isn’t it? So be prepared, my poor child, for she will use every available means to stop you!

The Golden Key

If wicked tales don’t scare you enough, please add Dream Alone to your wishlist and be prepared for further announcements!

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