Shutterdog: Do Turnips dream about Rusty Robots?


Futurust is an adventure, steampunk, point ‘n’ click game with numerous exciting puzzles in beatiful hand-made graphics.

  • Genre: adventure, point & click
  • Premiere: Q3 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile, PS4, Switch

Can you recognize these futuristic and rusty (see what I did there?) fellows? They are automated cybernators which I created directly inspired by Lem’s amazing works! Have you ever read Fables for Robots or The Cyberiad? If you love sci-fi, you really need to take a dive in those polish masterpieces.

Take a look at how the painted with coffee, rusty world of Futurust comes to life!

You can’t hide from the Turnip like creatures in the world of Futurust! That’s the future. Deal with it!

Error Games Studio


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