Body of Evidence Devlog: Scott Free!


Body of Evidence is a game inspired by Quentin Tarantino where the player’s goal is to become a professional crime scene cleaner! It has an advanced ragdoll model and very trendy, stylized low poly graphics.

  • Genre: action, simulation
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC

All right partner! So, we’re starting up our new, happy little business. Happy for us, not so happy for most of our clients. But you know what? Self-employment is awesome, isn’t it? We can choose which job we wanna do next or decide if the job is profitable enough for us to even consider it. I really love the convenience of reaping your own profit. 

Yeah, I know it’s not exactly a conventional business we’re running here, but hey… owning a small company is pretty sweet. I’d never go back to working in corpo.

It is actually satisfying to have the freedom of choosing the tools that will get the job done. It’s nice to visit the shop between tasks and stroll down the aisles, looking on the shelves for a brush in a particular size or an absorbent new mop. I gotta admit – it relaxes me.

Oh, come on. Everybody has that one guilty pleasure, right? You like cleaning blood, I like shopping. Don’t judge me.

You know what? I wonder how our business venture will turn out. I guess, keeping in mind the total freedom we have, it all depends on our choices and how well we’re gonna do our job. Or, if I may get more specific, it could depend on your cleaning skills!

So, waste no time and start practicing right away! For starters please add Body of Evidence to your wishlist, so you can stay up to date with all important information!


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