DOG.log #1 The Chronicles of Nyanya: CATtracted to j-RPGs


Chronicles of Nyanya is a huge RPG all about…sweet cats, full of great humor, epic battles, fun stuff and lots of references to pop culture.

  • Genre: RPG
  • Premiere: 02-16-2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile


Meet Adrian from Hamstercube – one of the creators of The Chronicles of Nyanya. Learn more about the creation process of our new game!

Check below, we haz it:
One-of- a-kind world: a mix of cute pixel art, adult themes and wonderful weirdness!
Huge, 20-hour story installed on a retro-style RPG chassis
First-rate humor: hilarious dialogues, memes, wordplay, pop culture references
-Tons of demanding turn-based fights, many special abilities to use
-The only game ever where you can fight Nazi furniture!

On the technical side, The Chronicles of Nyanya is a retro-style RPG with pixel art graphics, turn-based battles, exciting story and 20 hours of gameplay.
…but that’s just the tip of the meowceberg!

The game’s creators used this vehicle to deliver you tons of humor, delicious weirdness and in some moments – pure craziness.

Hamstercube & Fat Dog Games

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