Shutterdog: Crosshill Souls


Sand is the Soul features extremely unique combination of beatup and action RPG with great story behind. Moreover, it has a real level pro, Dark Souls alike, difficulty! It has been appraised by media for its graphics and playability.

  • Genre: action, RPG, Souls-like
  • Premiere: Q1 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

An early concept of Crosshill. At the sprawling base, the Township features simplified victorian’esque architecture. HighGarden is situated in the peak areas of the Township. To the far right, lies the Chairmans Lighthouse. The verticality of the Township also reflects the social class of each district: the higher the player goes, the more gothic and baroque features appear.

The Lichton Canals area. Inspired by the canals in Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands, albeit a slightly more gloomy acid version. In this particular scene the player has to be careful with his attacks. Destruction of public property will be harshly frowned upon by the Township Watch.

The CrossHill Railways Station, located in the lower parts of the Township (Custard Square). One the best and easiest ways to move between Districts. Playable arcade machine included (this one is a homage to BBC Master hit, Strykers Run).

A scene in the Western Frontier with dynamic camera zoom and music. As the player steps out of the area with dense foliage, the camera pans out, revealing the view and the music dynamically amplifies with a beat kicking in.

MGP Studio

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