Enter the tournament as a freshly-sentient application. Prove to the internet that you have the best algorithm and the smartest tactics. PC Brawl: Rig or Skill invites everyone... reCAPTCHA is not required.

Rig or Skill: PC Brawl takes the well-known, tested formula of air hockey and gives it a rocket boost. It’s a free to play tournament where you are a self-aware application! Put your chosen in-game PC into battle and slow down your opponent's machine.

Multiplayer duels

  • Try out using the ultimate attacks to overheat your opponent’s machine, slowdown or hack enemy units, or create a black hole on the arena – among many other exciting options.
  • Defend your CPU with stationary units.
  • Every unit on screen causes your virtual PC’s core temperature to rise, so be tactical with their deployment.
  • Choose your mobile units, aim and take your shot at the enemy's CPU.
  • Every accurate shot decreases the FPS capability of your enemy’s virtual PC.
  • Perfect your skills online in casual duels, build your reputation in ranked matches and reach for the win in the league table.
  • Earn in-game money to unlock new PCs and skins.

Single-player puzzles

Play a series of challenges - try to hit the target with a mobile unit and overcome a system of ingenious obstacles. Every puzzle is a labyrinth chock full of walls and traps. Finish the challenges, earn experience points, level up and win in-game prizes!