Rig or Skill Patch: Balancing the Rigs


Rig or Skill: PC Brawl is a not-so-serious take on games based on ‘who’s got the better PC’ rivalry, that fuels the gaming industry for years. Developers were inspired by internet culture. The game is free-2-play and it’s inspired by Brawlhalla. It will feature full multiplayer, challenge and free-play modes.

  • Genre: arcade
  • Premiere: Q1 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile

Thanks to your feedback, we’re able to fight off the rogue AI’s sabotage once again! This time we fixed some minor issues which, we hope, will make our apocalypse simulation program a bit more enjoyable for you, brave people.

The list of changes is as follows:

1. The AI is much more balanced now!
2. We fixed the issue with prizes awarded after a match being a bit unclear for the players.
3. AI won’t be able to spawn units on “stains” anymore.
4. Disappearing FPS counter is no more.
5. In some instances the buttons from the menu screen stayed even after entering the match. That one’s fixed as well!
6. The sound balance is more balanced than not.
7. Mr. PC got a bit less annoying.

We’re looking forward for more feedback guys! Please remember, that the humanity’s survival is at stake here!

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