A week of Skillin’ the Rigs


Rig or Skill: PC Brawl is a not-so-serious take on games based on ‘who’s got the better PC’ rivalry, that fuels the gaming industry for years. Developers were inspired by internet culture. The game is free-2-play and it’s inspired by Brawlhalla. It will feature full multiplayer, challenge and free-play modes.

  • Genre: arcade
  • Premiere: Q1 2018
  • Platforms: PC, mobile

It’s been a week since we launched the Rig or Skill testing program or Early Access, as the Steam platform likes to call it. We would like to thank all the participants who made the wise decision to begin making preparations for the dangerous times ahead. The apocalypse will not wait for humanity to get ready. We need to start training right now. That’s why, knowing rogue AIs are starting to battle each other for superiority, we launched the simulation early. We urge everyone to take part in the virtual battles, as it’s now more relevant and more important than ever to stay on our toes and watch attentively for the first signs of the AI rebellion.

We’re also positively grateful for all the feedback you are sharing with us. We’re still working very hard on Rig or Skill: PC Brawl; fixing bugs and adding more exceptional training features that will help you gain the skills necessary when battling rogue AI that are trying to vanquish humankind. Your opinions and observations are worth more than your weight in gold – as they may help to save thousands of people.

We made a few small changes lately, that you should hear about:

1. The game automatically checks if the newer version is available. The player is informed if he needs to update the game.
2. We eradicated some typos.
3. The game remembers now when the player turns Mr PC off in the options.

Please excuse us, as we must go back to scouring your e-mails, updating features and optimizing the game to your heart’s content.

The end is nigh. Stay safe, friends.

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