Body of Evidence Devlog: Evidence all over the YouTube


Body of Evidence is a game inspired by Quentin Tarantino where the player’s goal is to become a professional crime scene cleaner! It has an advanced ragdoll model and very trendy, stylized low poly graphics.

  • Genre: action, simulation
  • Premiere: Q2 2018
  • Platforms: PC

Dude. This is insane. I’m freaking out more than you did after the incident with poor Frank. It’s one thing to run a shady business involving dead body clean up after accidents, suicides or… erm, misunderstandings. You know I’m super okay with that. Moreover, it was me who encouraged you to make a living out of it. But this is too much. Way too much.

We made a deal, right? No one should know about the shit we’re doing, right? So why the hell are all these videos surfacing on YouTube?! How come?! I mean, yeah, people are lovin’ it, and they’re very much excited judging by the commentary. It’s kind of flattering seeing that thousands of people are watching our gory adventures. But man, it’s very satisfying, but weird. Like playing in a snuff movie.





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