Shutterdog: Wizard’s Crest


Ignis is a skill-based game of the battle arena category. The core mechanic is the ability to control trajectories of projectiles. There are also multiple spells of all other sorts: AoE, summoning spells, battle cries, curses.

  • Genre: action, competitive multiplayer
  • Premiere: Q4 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

Every major competition needs a handsome logo. Or a crest as we prefere to call it. We went through a few design iterations, before we got a satisfying result. But we have to admit, we’re pretty proud of our final logo!

The lord if insects, who creates a swarm that attacks the opponents

A friendly creature that heals his owner’s wounds

An unearthly creature that creates exploding seals on the enemy’s territory

A dangerous creature from hell throwing fireballs at the opponent

A mysterious creature setting fire to the ground under the feet of enemies

Deusald Studio

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