Our Offer

We do everything we can, to best support those who love and know how to make games. We offer our know-how and financing to teams of game developers. We train them and publish their products on international markets – Steam, mobile platforms, VR and many others.We offer a wide variety of publishing services, from financial support and investment in your title, through production to PR and marketing.  As a developer, you can get up to 25 000 EUR to support your project from concept to sales.  Both amateur teams and small organizations may benefit from Fat Dog Games’ new venture. So, you’re interested in working with us but you still have some questions? You’re in the right place! Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked ones.




We’d like to work with you but we’re wondering – how much are you willing to invest in us?

It all depends on how experienced you and your team are and how many projects you have already completed. In a “model investment”, we can give you up to 25 k EUR but there is a possibility of enlarging the financing.

What kinds of projects is Fat Dog Games interested in?

All kinds! We try not to limit ourselves to any types of games or platforms. If we find the project to be good – we’re interested. It’s that simple 🙂

When will we know, if you’re interested in our project?

We try to do our best to inform you as soon, as possible. Making an investment decision takes us up to 5 working days. It also depends on you – if we stay in touch and have no problem setting up a meeting with you, the whole process will take less time.

You used the term “model investment”. What does that mean?

It is a sort of investment, where we begin our cooperation at the stage of idea or prototype. A model investment is divided into two stages. First, you get up to 10k EUR financing and use it to create a demo of your game. This should take 5 to 8 months. If you succeed, we proceed to stage two – a full investment up to the end of production stage.


Yay! You want to work with us! So, what can we do with the money you gave us? Are there any restrictions?

You can spend the money on all things necessary to produce the game. This means:

  • Salaries for you and your team
  • Buying assets
  • Buying or leasing equipment

In other words, try not to buy a sushi-making kit or a pony, unless it’s absolutely crucial for the production of your game 🙂

How should we divide the financing? Do we have to spend a certain amount or percent of the financial aid on certain things?
We don’t have restrictive rules as to what part of the financing should be spent on what. We try to be reasonable – we look closely on your cost estimate and we let you know if something doesn’t seem right to us.

Oh right – the cost estimate. What should it include?

A cost estimate should include estimated monthly costs divided into categories: human resources, assets, equipment, additional costs.

How will the project be accounted for?

We will evaluate every milestone. By that, we mean a finished stage of work. We establish monthly milestones together with you. In other words, we establish monthly goals and we account for the work done during this time.


What else, apart from financing, does Fat Dog Games do?

Most of all, we take care of the publishing aspects: marketing, PR and sales.

Could you give us some more details?

Here you go. By publishing we mean: creating advertising materials (texts, trailers, www), planning and executing campaigns (creation and media), contacting distributors, platforms and game shops and the media.

Ok, so what don’t you do?

As a publisher, we are not responsible for contacting the community of players and users of your game on portals such as indieDB or social media. We feel, that it is more crucial for the developer to have good contact with the gamers. Of course, we can help you with that – if your project turns out to be a huge thing and you’re overloaded with work, we can hire a person, who will help you out with that.

Are the publishing costs a part of the 25 k EUR?

FDG publishing costs are not a part of the 25k EUR financing. They will be included in the reimbursement for FDG after the game is out. This may seem complicated, but don’t worry – you will have constant insight into our planned marketing budget.


Ok, so the reimbursement of the cost for Fat Dog Games…

First, the income from the game covers the costs of the investment. This means, that the incomes will first have to cover the 100 k PLN and marketing costs.

What if we had already invested in the game before we started working with you?

If you come to us with a project, that is already in its final stage, we take your costs into consideration, especially if they are well documented. In this case, the profits cover both our investments in a 50/50 division until they are reimbursed.

What does the profit sharing look like?

It all depends on the project. However, our standard procedure, due to our investment and publishing costs.

Profits for the developers vary depending on the project. In a model investment, due to our investment and publishing costs, we share the profits with 60% or more going to FDG, after we’ve reimbursed our costs.


And what about copyright?

In the model investment, we sign a license agreement for a certain amount of time. Below you will find detailed conditions:

  • if a project is to be continued or you want to begin a new project within the same universe, the developer is given precedence over the publisher
  • the developer participates in the profits generated by additional sales (e.g. t-shirts, toys)

What do the agreements look like?

We work on civil contracts with natural persons or companies. On bigger projects or when we continue our cooperation, we may form a limited liability company.

We had a blast working with you – so what next?

If your project is successful (reaches a minimum profitability) we will probably offer you a possibility to work with us on the next one. If your project doesn’t turn out profitable, not all is lost. We pay a lot of attention to the team – if you’re consequent in pursuing your project and finishing it on time, we may still be interested in continuing our cooperation.